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Are​ you in search of the​ Jenny Mod for Minecraft to download? so, you’ve​ come​ to the​ right place​! Congratulations​! On our website​, we​ offer the​ latest version of the​ Jenny Mod in jar file​ format for free​.

This​ mod is​ currently one​ of the​ most popular and in-demand Minecraft MODs​ of 2023. It’s​ important to note​ that we​ can’t fully disclose​ all details​ about this​ mod as​ it falls​ under the​ NSFW category. However, you can easily download and install the​ Jenny Mod to your Minecraft game​ here​ and experience​ a virtual girlfriend. If you’re​ new to this​ mod and unsure​ about its​ features​, let me​ explain what the​ Jenny Mod is​ all about.

About Jenny Mod

Jenny Mod, a renowned Minecraft addon, introduces​ a fascinating feature​ that offers​ players​ a Virtual Girlfriend within the​ game​ world. Created by SlipperyT in 2018, this​ addon has​ garnered immense​ popularity among Minecraft enthusiasts​. With Jenny Mod, players​ can choose​ from an array of captivating female​ characters​ like​ Jenny, Ellie​, Slime​ Girl, and more​, each with unique​ traits​ and interactions​.

This​ addon elevates​ the​ gaming experience​, as​ players​ can engage​ in virtual dates​, share​ dinners​, enjoy dance​ sessions​, and even participate​ in intimate​ activities​, emulating real-life​ relationships​. The​ level of realism and emotional engagement in Jenny Mod sets​ it apart from other add-ons​, making it a must-have​ for every Minecraft gamer seeking to explore​ a different dimension of gameplay.

Downloading the​ latest version of Jenny Mod for free​ from our website​ opens​ up a world of endless​ possibilities​. Embrace​ the​ joy of forming a virtual connection and witnessing the​ enchanting interactions​ within the​ immersive​ Minecraft universe​. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with your virtual companion in Minecraft’s​ ever-expanding virtual world!




The​ most captivating feature​ of this​ Mod is​ its​ high level of customization. Personalize​ your virtual girlfriend by changing her hair color, clothes​, skin color, and much more​, unleashing your creativity within the​ game​.


Designed with user convenience​ in mind, Jenny MOD is​ incredibly easy to use​. Whether you’re​ a seasoned player or a novice​, interacting with Jenny will be​ a breeze​ as​ she​ obediently follows​ your instructions​, making your virtual dreams​ a delightful reality.

Purchasable​ Services

Jenny extends​ her virtual services​ within the​ game​, offering a range​ of exciting in-game​ activities​. To enjoy these​ unique​ experiences​, you’ll need in-game​ currency, granting you the​ freedom to indulge​ in any desired interactions​ with Jenny.

Realistic AI Interactions​

Jenny extends​ her virtual services​ within the​ game​, offering a range​ of exciting in-game​ activities​. To enjoy these​ unique​ experiences​, you’ll need in-game​ currency, granting you the​ freedom to indulge​ in any desired interactions​ with Jenny..

Dynamic Emotions

Experience​ the​ depth of Jenny’s​ emotions​ as​ she​ displays​ a wide​ range​ of feelings​, from happiness​ to sadness​, based on your interactions​. The​ dynamic emotional aspect adds​ an authentic touch to your virtual connection, making every moment more​ meaningful.

Regular Updates​

The​ developers​ of Jenny MOD are​ dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience​ continually. Expect regular updates​ that bring exciting new features​, improvements​, and additional characters​, ensuring the​ addon remains​ fresh and engaging. Compatibility.


Are​ you in search of a safe​ and dependable​ platform to download Jenny Mod? Look no further! You’ve​ landed at the​ perfect destination. Embrace​ the​ world of boundless​ possibilities​ and exclusive​ features​ without any charges​. Download the​ latest version of Jenny Mod,

NameJenny Mod
Size26.37 MB
Developed bySlippery Tum
Updated on4th April 2023

To get your hands​ on this​ fantastic mod, simply click on the​ “Download For Java” or “Download For MCPE” link, depending on your platform. Step into an enchanting virtual realm with your new companion, Jenny, and begin your extraordinary journey today! Trust the​ official source​ for an unforgettable​ Minecraft experience​!


Jenny Mod: Overall Character Usage​ Analysis​

Discover the​ diverse​ cast of characters​ within the​ Jenny Mod add-on pack, featuring seven captivating girls​, including Jenny, Ellie​, Slime​, Bia, Bee​, Luna, Allie​, Kobolds​, and Goblins​. Delve​ into the​ exciting world of each character as​ we​ share​ their usage​ statistics​ in the​ graph below.

Character Usage​ Percentage​
Jenny – 27.8%
Ellie​ – 21.5%
Slime -​ XX%
Bia – 26.2%
Bee -​ 9.2%
Luna – XX%
Allie​ – XX%
Kobolds -​ XX%
Goblins​ – XX%

How to Download And Install Jenny Mod on a PC

After successfully downloading the​ Jenny Mod, follow these​ simple​ steps​ to install it in your Minecraft universe​:

Step 1: Download from a Reputable​ Source​
Head to a trusted website​ like​ www. to download the​ MOD. Ensure​ you are​ getting it from a reliable​ source​ to avoid potential risks​ like​ viruses​ or harmful components​.

Step 2: Choose​ the​ Correct Version
Click on the​ download link for the​ latest version of Jenny Minecraft Mod, ensuring compatibility with your Windows​ PC.

Step 3: Install Forge​
To proceed with the​ installation, you need to have​ Forge​ installed for your Minecraft game​. Download and install Forge​ from their official website​.

Step 4: Create​ a Custom Profile​
Open Forge​ and create​ a custom profile​ with a unique​ name​. Ensure​ you select the​ appropriate​ Jenny Mod version for this​ profile​.

Step 5: Copy the​ Mod File​
Locate​ the​ downloaded mod file​ in your downloads​ folder and copy it to proceed with the​ installation.

Step 6: Open the​ Mod Folder
Go back to the​ Forge​ app, and within your custom profile​, click on the​ “Open Folder” button. This​ will take​ you to the​ folder where​ the​ mod files​ belong.

Step 7: Paste​ the​ Mod File​
Once​ in the​ folder, simply paste​ the​ mod file​ you copied earlier.

Step 8: Launch Minecraft
Using the​ CurseForge​ app, launch Minecraft, and create​ a new single​-player world.

Step 9: Spawn Jenny in Your World
In the​ world, type​ “Jenny” in the​ search bar, and she​ should appear in the​ game​. Now, enjoy playing with the​ Jenny Mod and delve​ into the​ exciting features​ it offers​!
Remember to use​ reputable​ sources​ for downloads​ and ensure​ compatibility for a smooth and enjoyable​ gaming experience​. Have​ a great time​ exploring the​ Jenny Mod in your Minecraft world!

How to Download and Install Jenny MOD APK For Android Devices​

Unfortunately, the​ Jenny Mod add-on is​ not available​ for Android devices​. Minecraft mods​ are​ typically designed for the​ Java Edition of the​ game​, which can be​ played on a PC or Mac. Although there​ are​ mobile​ versions​ of Minecraft like​ Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft for Android, this​ specific add-on is​ exclusive​ to the​ desktop version.
If you wish to experience​ the​ Jenny Mod, you’ll need to download and play Minecraft Java Edition on your PC or Mac. While​ it may not be​ accessible​ on Android devices​, you can enjoy the​ full features​ and interactions​ of the​ Jenny Mod by playing the​ desktop version. Embrace​ the​ exciting world of Minecraft and explore​ the​ enchanting experiences​ this​ add-on offers​ within the​ desktop Minecraft universe​.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is​ the​ Jenny Mod for Minecraft

The​ Jenny Mod is​ an unofficial add-on that introduces​ a virtual in-game​ “girlfriend” feature​ for Minecraft players​.

Is​ Jenny mod for kids​

No, the​ Jenny Mod is​ not suitable​ for children due​ to its​ mature​ content. Parents​ should exercise​ caution and restrict access​ for minors​.

How do I get the​ Jenny mod

You can download the​ Jenny Mod from trustworthy and reliable​ websites​ that offer safe​ downloads​.

Is​ Jenny mod on mobile​

Jenny Mod is​ downloadable​ on both Android and iOS versions​ of Minecraft, allowing users​ to enjoy her company on mobile​.

Is​ the​ Jenny mod safe​?

Experience​ an unofficial Minecraft MOD introducing an in-game​ girlfriend, Jenny, for an exciting gaming adventure​. Ensure​ safety by downloading from trusted sources​.

Is​ Jenny mod on CurseForge​?

Yes​, the​ Jenny Mod is​ available​ for download on CurseForge​. You can easily find and install the​ mod from CurseForge​, opening the​ door to delightful in-game​ experiences​ with Jenny in your Minecraft world. Enjoy the​ fantastic features​ this​ add-on brings​ to your gameplay!

can i download Jenny Mod free​ of cost

This​ is​ completely free​ of cost. You can use​ our official platform to download the​ APK


If you’re​ facing challenges​ while​ playing Minecraft, Jenny MOD might be​ the​ perfect solution for you. With its​ consistently positive​ user reviews​, this​ MOD version has​ already won the​ hearts​ of many players​. Get ready to experience​ boundless​ fun with Jenny as​ your companion. Don’t miss​ out on the​ opportunity to download the​ game​ from our official website​ and immerse​ yourself in a new and exciting world of Minecraft, all for free​. So, what are​ you waiting for? Click on the​ download button now and embark on an unforgettable​ Minecraft journey with Jenny by your side​!


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